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Leadership Program

At Greenville Youth Alliance, we work hard to foster a culture of Youth Leadership. From our own internal management and Board of Directors to our work towards a Youth County Council, it is at the heart of our work. Our Leadership Program is this work in action. It consists of our community forums (detailed more below), leadership courses, and more – all youth-led, of course. Our leadership course is going to be an in-person course for high school aged students, which will connect them with local leaders and give them valuable experience in leadership.

We’re coordinating with local, state, and federal leaders to roll out a series of events we’ll call “The GYA Community Forum” – a synthesis of youth and adult leadership, a show of bipartisan support for civic education, and a way for you to connect with your leaders. We’ll have several speaker events, and several dates and occurrences. Join our mailing list to learn when our Leadership Program goes live!