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A Youth-Led Nonprofit in Greenville, SC.

Greenville Youth Alliance
A Community for Change.

At Greenville Youth Alliance, we work to drive an increase in civic engagement through youth-led projects and programs. Click below to learn more.

Our Impact

Student Poll Workers

In November of 2020 GYA coordinated an effort among various local social studies departments, schools, and the county government to drive a rapid increase in the number of student poll managers. These 16-17 year old poll workers got hands on experience on seeing how our democracy works, and got time to give back to their community. The county later told GYA that our organization played a large role in the 340% increase (50 to 220) of student poll managers. 

Community Clean-Ups

For our first volunteer day, GYA partnered with local organization Sustaining Way to provide our volunteers with hands on experience in sustainability, gardening, and community service. In addition, we picked up trash around the Nicholtown area, and had a fantastic time. Since then, we’ve been restructuring GYA – but we’re back and ready to go. Join our mailing list to stay up to date on all our community outings and volunteer opportunities. 

Education Program

Leadership Program

Volunteerism Program