About Us

At Greenville Youth Alliance (GYA), we believe that young adults should have an active role in local government. The county and city governments have the biggest impact on our communities day-to-day lives, but a vast majority of young people don’t realize this. The only way we can begin to affect real change is by educating young people and giving them the opportunities to amplify their voices. Greenville Youth Alliance is a nonpartisan, civic, advocacy, and education organization. 

Founded in April 2020, GYA was created as a result of a campaign for Emergency Community Services started by Davis Summer. After he began the campaign he realized that there are so many young people out there who want to be an advocate for change. He partnered with Olivia Peck, and GYA is growing every day.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or email Davis Summer.

Mission: Our mission is to drive an increase in youth civic engagement through youth-led volunteerism, education, and advocacy.

Vision: Our vision is a community of people who value civic engagement and all work towards creating a community for change.

1. Community
While we work to get more young people civically involved, we are also building a community. This community extends past GYA’s target demographics or members. It is a community of Upstate folks who are dedicated to making change – it is a community for change.

2. Respect
In any interaction, the importance of respect cannot be understated. GYA will always act with the upmost respect for our fellow humans.

3. Inclusivity
A community has to be built on a strong basis, which includes everyone. There is no place for exclusions in a respectful, civilized community.

4. Collaboration
We can’t do this alone. We recognize and understand this, and we’re dedicated to working together with individuals, organizations, governments, and any other people/groups that can help us succeed in our mission.